Your Home and Natural Health

Increasingly we hear about the need to go green and focus on the environment and a more chemical free existence. Every day there are more reports about the plight of the earth and the impact and effect our attitudes and our behaviors and our product usage has on our immediate and also our global environment.

But how do our habits affect our health? What is the impact of non-natural products that we use in the home? How do these impact our health and what would happen if we actually extended our naturopathic approach to include not only our bodies, but our homes and communities and even the planet.

As an alternative practitioner, this is my dream….A world where individuals and community operate on a conscious level about their health practices and their environmental practices.

Petroleum based products

Petroleum-based additives are used in many beauty products currently sold on the market today. While the petrochemical industry maintains these are relatively safe to use, other disagree.

Petroleum jelly is one petrochemical product that is now widely used for the healing of cuts through to nappy rash and/or redness on your newborn baby’s soft and precious skin.[1]

But according to well known U.S based medical practitioner and television celebrity Dr. Oz, even using a shiny lip gloss that is petroleum based may possibly be compromising, because the shine from the gloss is derived from petroleum and by applying it your lips you could effectively end up eating gasoline![2]

According to the Organic Consumers’ Association, the possible toxicity of these products may also extend to your home.[3] And some of these products just may contribute in some small way to issues such as skin conditions, allergies, the need for detoxification later on down the track, and the need for a more natural approach to the home.

A True Natural Remedy

Perhaps the truest and most pure natural remedy is the adoption and implementation of some simple practices that may help to reduce the impact of chemical toxicities in your body.

You can:

  • Always check labels and watch out for petrochemical based products and other additives that may be rough on your system
  • Be wary of any chemical that has a huge warning on it. The warning of course means poison, and whenever possible, we may need to rethink our use of these in relation to our bodies and our homes.
  • Use natural alternatives wherever possible. Find a decent moisturizer and other pamper products that are supplied and put forward by reputable natural health practitioners who understand alternative products and can advise to the best of their ability on what is most suitable for you.

And remember, stay positive and work to make your health and your home and community a better place.