Your Digestive System Needs Respect

Your digestive system is the cornerstone of great health. Before you embark on any kind of health and naturopathy regime, you need to have it thoroughly checked and considered to makes sure it is absorbing the foods and the natural products and supplements you are putting into it.

Client Profile

Every so often I come across a really diligent client who is doing all the work to stay healthy. The profile of this type of client is committed, diligent, sound and sane, keen about natural remedies and natural products and absolutely wanting to work on themselves so that their physiology and emotional, mental and spiritual functioning is smooth and well-oiled.

But in spite of this diligence and commitment something is not quite right and they require some added attention. They have digestive absorption problems that prevent them getting the most out of what they are putting into their bodies.

Often, the key to their absorption problems can be traced to the stomach, where the careful balance of gut flora has been disrupted and destroyed.

I myself can attest to this problem. The catalyst for my interest in naturopathy and other modalities such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy and Kinesiology was a digestive health issue. I became completely debilitated by a rare form of amoebic dysentery, which destroyed my health and meant that I was unable to walk down a street without first taking glucose for energy.[1]


If a patient does seem to indicate some form of digestive disruption and malabsorption I will first get them to undergo a good detoxification programme. This can be done easily and simply under the guidance of a practitioner, and you may find it useful to use a reputable detoxification kit that helps to cleanse the major organs and the intestines and stomach.

Blood Testing and Urine Testing

I would also suggest that the patient undergoes thorough microscopic blood testing. This reveals imbalances and any parasites or abnormal amoeba that is unbalancing or compromising the body. A good urinalysis gut dysbiosis test may be needed to reveal problems. Bright Field Microscopy may also be called for to reveal parasites.

Once any problems are identified, we can then work together to establish a treatment regime that once again strengthens the digestive system so that it works properly.

This means that the vitamins and minerals and fresh fruits and vegetables you put into your system are properly processed and their goodness is properly absorbed so that your energy levels remain stable and clear.

So see your naturopath or natural health practitioner for a consultation soon.