Your Carbohydrate Consumption

We all need carbohydrates. They are as important as the air we breathe and the water we drink. They are as important as protein and vitamins and minerals. But in today’s western world they have earned themselves a really bad name.

Is this fair?

After all, it’s not really the carbohydrates causing the problem, it is us! Our reliance and use and consumption of them as a society is fast becoming out of control, and this means that dietary balance and harmony is being lost, and individuals as well as the community are becoming larger and are also losing their capacity to maintain good natural health.

So why do we have such an imbalanced reliance on carbohydrates? And how can we alter our eating patterns and lifestyles so that we eat enough of them – and no more – for the right reasons.


While carbohydrates can cause problems when eaten excessively, they are essential and do comprise one of the essential five food groups we need for health and vitality. It is an organic compound and is a major source of fuel for most animals, including humans.[1]

According to The Harvard School of Public Health, we need to choose “good carbs” as opposed to NO carbs.[2]

You can source good quality carbohydrates from a number of foods, and by far the most advantageous is the whole grains. These operate as a brilliant natural remedy against low energy and exhaustion and feed your organs and your body with the fuel to keep going.

It rally comes down to the natural products choices you make on a daily basis. For example, family breakfast time can be a time when the whole family sources excellent carbohydrates from whole grain bread and whole grain cereals.

If you and your family buy commercial cereals that are made from white flour and are coated in sugars, think about making a small alteration to your diet. Simply replace these less healthy options with whole grain cereal choices and whole grain breads. It is that simple. Children and even older family members may be a bit resistant at first, but with time, this simple alteration can do wonders for the health of every single individual who sits at the family breakfast table.

Similarly, rather than drinking copious quantities of fruit juice, replace this with a bowl of fruit on the table. Fruit is full of carbohydrates. Bananas make an excellent energy source and are also full of potassium. It really is this easy to make meaningful changes.

These small and practical changes have been touted by every good nutritionist from here to eternity for years and years. It does not take much to make meaningful changes that will help you and your family achieve a greater sense of the natural self that lies in each and every one of you!

Good luck.