You Sexy Thing

I believe in miracles...where’re you from, you sexy thing, you![1]

Many of you know the lyrics to that infamous Hot Chocolate classic and many of you may also find it a lot easier to use the word “sex” or “sexy” when it is part of a song or a poem, than when it is used in reference to your own sexual world and life.

The fact of the matter is most people still feel a little ashamed or embarrassed when it comes to sexuality and sex. As sex therapist and psychologist Bettina Arndt says, sex matters to men a lot and it matters to women too.[2] And yet many struggle to negotiate a proper and/or suitable place for it in their lives on a daily or a weekly basis. It is the most normal pursuit in the world and yet it is often treated as a taboo or underground issue that must be talked about in hushed tones and with a red or blushing face!

Natural Remedies and Your Sexual Health

There is a host of natural remedies and natural products available to men and women who may want to increase their sexual potency and drive. These can make quirky gift ideas and can even be included in Valentine’s Day gift boxes or presents for a little bit of fun!

A Natural Self offers a number of reputable products that can help to increase your drive and your sexual stamina.

The Sex Max Kit

This is a wonderful product especially designed for men. Made from completely natural health products, the kit contains 2 exceptional formulas that help to:

  • Stabilize hormone levels
  • Maintain testosterone levels at optimum
  • Circulatory stimulation which may help blood flow to the genital region
  • Increase endurance
  • Increase stamina

Many males feel particularly concerned about a waning libido as they get a little older. It may also be a good idea to reduce alcohol intake and smoking, as both these may reduce sexual performance and stamina. Smoking reduces circulatory flow and this in turn can reduce blood flow to the genital region. This may impede erection and contribute to impotence and difficulties with performance.

Males may also want to develop a good exercise regime and eat a balanced diet rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. This can sound like obvious advice, but the fact is it is a struggle for many of us to maintain and adhere to a good balanced diet that helps to keep our general health and sexual health at its best.

If you have further concerns about your sexual health and performance, speak with your naturopath or practitioner for more detailed advice, guidance and inf