Why Natural Therapies Make the Best Gift Ideas

I get a little jaded at times about the tradition of gift giving. I do see giving as an essential and truly beautiful component of life and living meaningfully. But I also get a little frustrated with the endless commercialisation and bombardment of celebratory seasons and days.

These may certainly have been constructed in good faith, born out of a grounded meaning that enriches life. You can trace the history of Christmas and clearly see this evolution.[1] What was once a profoundly significant day hallmarking love and the celebration of an individual spirit who died with conviction and commitment, has now become highly commercialised venture that is far removed from its soul-stirring origins.

But there are ways to partake in gift-giving and celebration while staying true to some of the values and natural remedies approaches that make life a little richer.

Your Gift Giving

You can actually continue gift giving in a more meaningful and less commercialised manner by following a few simple tips.

Consider these when festival time next comes around:

  • Think about making presents. It can unite groups and families and is an enjoyable way to while away time
  • Introduce a little originality into your life. Make your own cards. People love the handmade alternative.
  • Make great food that can be shared and eaten. This makes a great alternative.
  • Buy gifts that are useful, helpful, and functional and health promoting. So much better than a useless little gift that will end up in the back of the drawer!

Natural Products and Gift Boxes

I know one of the most delightful gifts I can receive is an assortment or array of usable and enervating products that can promote natural health and work on a truly beneficial and practical level.

Dana Kington, Naturopath from A Natural Self in Fremantle says the best presents and gifts are those that promote a new lease on life.

“The best gift we can give ourselves and each other is the gift of true health. When you give a gift box containing a selection of natural products, the symbolism in that gesture resonates a thousand times more effectively than just an ordinary present.”

Dana says that a natural therapies gift selection actually communicates a sense of value and worth between the giver and the receiver. “The underlying symbolism is one of care, respect, promotion of wellbeing. And these are the greatest gifts of all.”

A new mum may really enjoy a Baby and Mum pamper kit containing organic herbal blends that are safe for infants and free from harsher sulphates and sodium.

Choosing a gift such as a Lemon Myrtle Kit containing the fresh scent of a lemon myrtle deodorant, body butter and a natural soap is a great alternative to the usual 3-Pack of underwear of socks!

So, nest time you are thinking about gifts and gift ideas, consider more creative and more caring options. They’re available if you look for them

For more information, you can contact A Natural Self .

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christmas