Where do heavy metals come from and how do naturopaths detoxify those using natural supplements at A Natural Self naturopathy clinic?

Heavy metals are all around is in our cars, cosmetics, medication and even drinking water. Other common sources include tobacco and exhaust smoke as well as fertilizers. As a Naturopath, people always ask where do all these toxins come from and how do they go through detoxification without causing deficiencies in other natural vitamins and minerals in the body? Also, the question most common to pop up in naturopathy is which heavy metals are bad and which are naturally occurring and benefit natural health?

Some heavy metals are needed for health body function, but when they exceed normal levels they can become toxic. In the worst case scenario heavy metals can poison us with potentially serious consequences such as learning difficulties in children and birth defects in newborns. Lower level exposure to any toxin can cause anything from skin irritations to liver damage as well as hormonal and metabolic imbalances. Heavy metal chelation can be used in natural therapies to bind to the metal (chelate), and then pass out of the body without harm.

Lead is present in car exhaust fumes, hair dye and some kinds of paint, while mercury is found in batteries, laxatives and dental amalgam. Cadmium is found in cigarette smoke, drinking water and many industrial chemicals.

Essential nutrients from the diet and supplementation are used up to take these ‘poisons’ out of the body. Eventually, one becomes deficient and the diet cannot supplement enough without becoming sick from these vitamin and mineral deficiencies.