When Detoxification Goes Too Far

The use of detoxification can be an important process that helps to clean, regulate and restore the body and its balance. It is often used by men and women as an intensive process and treatment that can clean out the system fully and alleviate toxicity build up and intolerances to certain foods or food groups.

Once, detoxification was seen as an extreme medical venture that involved starving and water and nothing else, but today it may be viewed and activated as a more subtle and caring process that can involve a full detoxification or a  partial cleansing process involving certain toxicity substances.

Naturopaths and alternative health practitioners, including more mainstream dieticians may off detoxification as a strategy. Ayurvedic practitioners may also offer a cleansing and, depending on your body type, may suggest and outline a programme that is free from offending foods or substances that destroy the body’s dosha balance. (Doshas are the 3 vital energies of Tamas, Sattvas and Rajas.) These must harmonise in equal proportion and synthesis to avoid illness and health problems.[1]

Caution regarding Detoxification and Natural Health

At A Natural Self Naturopathy clinic, we will advise guide and oversee any cleansing programme and always believe that good, professional input is required for anyone who wants to proceed with the process. Individuals without specialist knowledge may believe they are able to follow a clear programme, and while this may be the case in certain instances, a thorough health check and an identification of any health problems and difficulties may be a more prudent and sensible course of action.

Detoxification can be quite stressful on the body, emotions and mind. It can manifest as a rather severe shock to the system and alters body chemistry, energy levels, emotional resilience and stability. Proper preparation may therefore be needed and a good health practitioner will advise this, rather than simply jump into a full detox programme without a grounded and considered foundation.

Natural Remedies that Cleanse

Many cleansing/detox products are on the market today. Always check the labels and always ask the supplier or your health specialist whenever in doubt about a given product, its efficacy and/or its chemical construction.

Many of these detoxification products will focus on a cleanse of the liver, so make sure you have a thorough liver check including ALT and other level readings before you start. Ask your naturopath about this or speak with your general practitioner about a full blood test for this essential organ.

Detoxification can be a marvellous health procedure.

But always proceed with caution and arm yourself with good guidance and information from your naturopathy practitioner or other specialists.

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