When a little stress is a good thing and what is the world’s healthiest diet?

The explanation into the need for natural stresses on the body and the decline of body health due to  sugars, white flour, refined oils, colors and flavors in our diet.

As a society we have been very successful in providing for our basic needs of food, shelter and safety. In fact, it is now being argued that we have been too successful and that the invention of a multitude of labor saving devices and the availability of cheap, plentiful calories is becoming a negative for our health. Cellular biology has identified many of the processes that our systems call upon in times of stress (such as cold, lack of food or injury) and these same pathways have been shown to slow or even reverse the process of cellular ageing, in a process known as hormesis. Unlike our free range predecessors, modern domesticated humans have very little need for these stress responses, and as a consequence are also missing much of the benefit they can provide to health and ageing.

Many of the foods that most Australians and New Zealanders consume are, on an evolutionary scale, very new additions to our diets. Sugar, white flour, refined oils, colors, flavors, preservatives and many other ingredients are very recent additions. Some researchers also point out that the regular consumption of grains and dairy products has only taken place for less than 1% of total hominin evolutionary history. Up to 70% of the calories in our current diets would have been rarely or never consumed by pre-agricultural humans, and as such it is unlikely that our genetic machinery has had the time to adapt sufficiently to cope with these foods effectively. This concept is not new, with the work of pioneers such as Weston Price demonstrating that as populations moved from a more primitive, whole food diet to the modern, refined staples that now fill our shopping trolleys, the health of our people degenerated substantially within 1 to 2 generations. There is evidence of physical degeneration and the increased risk of chronic disease in people that have progressed to a more refined ‘diet of white’. A Natural Self Clinic has guidance on restoring health and vitality to you by returning them to a diet that is more compatible with their genes.

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