What might cause a mineral imbalance? What is free radical activity and the use of Electrodermal screening to test you for these things

Many mineral are essential for the growth, healing and general vitality of many of our body’s structural elements and processes. Modern diets and lifestyles do not always provide us with this resource and there is also contamination from environmental pollutants, food additives and stress. The tests at A Natural Self Naturopathy Clinic allows you to take some measure of control of your healthcare, by taking preventative measures to control any imbalances you may have. Electro dermal Screening can test you for allergies, heavy metals , chemicals,  mineral and vitamin deficiency  and toxicity Testing.

Anything can cause a mineral imbalance; there may be a number of causes including poor diet, stress, medications, pollution, heavy metal toxicity and genetic factors, acne to cardiac problems, fatigue, hyperactivity, infertility, migraines and stress – so a whole range of conditions. The testing above at A Natural Self Naturopathy Clinic can figure out through their testing, what the cause of the problem is and what natural heath supplements are most useless over the long term.

A free radical test kit uses a urine sample to detect the presence of free radical activity in the body. The more free radicals you have the more you are using natural vitamins and minerals in the body to counteract the effect in the body. Everyone has free radical damage. This is the reason why natural products and supplements containing extra amounts of these natural medicines are recommended to everyone as the very basics that one can do for their natural health regime.  Free radicals are naturally occurring unstable atoms in the body which can cause damage to our DNA and cell membranes if an excess develop. They are thought to be one of the primary causes of ageing and tissue damage. Antioxidants are the natural way of combating free radicals, so try including as many sources of antioxidants in your diet – including fruit and vegetables.