What is wellness? Optimizing our health as opposed to be just being free of disease. The right lifestyle and dietary intervention, can optimize our health span

2011 is the year for new beginnings. It is the time of year when you walk through that door equipped with that much anticipated New Year’s resolution that you never started! Whether it is to shed the Christmas kilo’s (weight loss), to stop smoking, or just to start leading a healthier lifestyle. Whatever they’ve resolved to do, it all points to achieving that seemingly elusive goal of wellness, and there is no one better trained in lifestyle medicine to help them achieve this goal than a Naturopath!

Wellness can be defined as a state of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual wellbeing, beyond the manifestation of obvious disease symptoms. In our modern society, this state of wellness is rarely achieved, or is mistaken for the common belief that chronic disease is an inevitable part of life. The reality, however, is that with the right lifestyle and dietary intervention, we can optimize our health span to ensure that we stay healthy, active, and disease free, even as you enter old age.

The Naturopath at A Natural Self, can do all the testing required to look into all aspect of your health and find where the cause of your complaint lies? Try any of the multiple testing techniques, such as Live blood analysis, Hemeview, Iridology, to find the right choice of natural medicine.