What is PMS really telling us and is estrogen dominance a cause for concern?

An Explanation of the herbs that will help the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, such asirritability, tiredness, chocolate cravings, relieve mood swings, emotional instability, menstrual pain and irregular periods.

Many women can accurately predict the arrival of their monthly menstruation due to irritability, tiredness and chocolate cravings! PMS symptoms are a clear signal that hormonal imbalances are affecting the body and the brain, altering mood and disturbing the stress response. Bupleurum is a herb that may help relieve mood swings and emotional instability caused by hormonal fluctuations. It is shown to help relieve PMS-related symptoms such as depression, irritability, frustration and short-temperedness.

Angelica and Vitexare herbs that focus on the more physical symptoms of PMS, menstrual pain and irregular periods. Combining Asian and Western herbs with B vitamins, this formula may be used to help manage painful, heavy and/or irregular periods. This herbal combination is shown to assist in balancing pituitary reproductive hormones (i.e. FSH and LH) in the body, and to support the production of progesterone to help regulate the menstrual cycle in female patients with luteal phase estrogen dominance (i.e. a relative excess of estrogen compared to progesterone).

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