• Dark Field Microscopy (blood analysis in the dark)
  • Bright Field Microscopy (blood analysis in the light)
  • Coagulated Microscopy (blood analysis when it is dead)
  • Eye Testing (Iridology)
  • Nail Testing (Nail Diagnosis)
  • Tongue Testing (Tongue Diagnosis)

Two people with the same condition can have completely different origins to their illness, and therefore, completely different body imbalances that need to be worked on. Therefore, the protocol will be contrasting – It depends on your own body frequency imbalance.


With knowledge, we can instruct you, not only on proper diet, but also work on correcting specific problems.


Dark Field Microscopy

With each blood analysis method, different areas and conditions of the blood are more remarkable. In looking at the blood in darkness, it is easier to see the state of health of the red and white blood cells. One can see the components in the blood more superficially. The most common conditions in Dark Field are said be be signs of oxygenation (anaemia), liver, digestion, cardiovascular, acidity and immune issues.

Bright Field Microscopy

In bright field, one can see the same things as in Dark field, but because the light is shining through the blood, it is much easier to see ‘indications’ of microbes. This method is known as Phase Contrast, as one can see the difference between things in the space of the blood. Therefore, this method is very useful to use in conjunction with Dark Field, in order to get any additional information that may have been over looked if it wasnt for the use of light in order to generate contrast.


Coagulated Blood

Once the blood has dried, one can view blood when it dead, which gives us another contrasting angle of the clients health. All three of these bloods are normally done together, in order to compare and contrast. Coagulated blood is used by Naturopaths for seeing any signs of inflammation and acidity. The most common things to arise out of this blood method is seeing if there is an antioxidant protection around the outside of the clot and the extent of clotting factors in the blood. Naturopaths interprete the blood from a collective reference of observation and illness and also in reference to the beliefs in Phlebotomy (the study of blood). Possible indications that are believed to be observed in blood analysis, is the detection of injury, haemoglobin levels, toxicity, allergies, stress, hormonal imbalance and acute, chronic or degenerative conditions.


Eye Testing (Iridology)

Iridology is the analysis of the eye in order to detect genetic predisposition and lifestyle influence on health. It can provide the practitioner with the acquired and believed knowledge of where the underlying weaknesses and influences are that are the cause of biochemical imbalance. You can put your health into perspective and see how your PAST can affect your present state if Iridology is to be believed.

Knowing what your predispositions for weakness and imbalance in the body are, can help you to understand exactly what you need to pay attention to and have forewarning about your health.


Nail Testing / Nail Diagnosis

The nails offer the ability to immediately see thought deficiency signs. From visual observation we can determine the nutrient need for you to right your ill health, according to the beliefs and observations of nail analysis.

Nail Diagnosis can give an indication of:

  • Whether you are absorbing your nutrients
  • Whether you have had or have a nutrient deficiency
  • Whether you have had an injury or trauma sufficient enough to interrupt the flow of minerals to your nails and therefore your body
  • Determine the influence of stress in the body

Tongue Testing / Tongue Diagnosis

Observations of the condition of the tongue give you an indication of:

  • Gastro-intestinal health
  • Heat and stagnated areas of the body
  • Mineral cell salt deficiencies
  • Fluid imbalance
  • Organ weakness
  • Stress indications

Tongue Diagnosis offers assistance in confirming the correct diagnosis for your condition.


Toxin Testing – Gut Dysbiosis & Indicans Test

Through urine analysis, your urine can be tested for bacterias and proteins to determine the health of your intestinal system. In part, the root cause of body imbalance stems from the ineffectiveness of the digestive tract to filter out toxins.

With this facility, one can rule in or out, the influence of gut contaminants playing a role in your ill health. There is no more speculating on this possibility when we have accurate urine test results to visually confirm to you, the state of your digestive health.


100 Point Health Check

A Natural Self utilises many testing methods, including a thorough case history and stress questionnaire, in addition to the above testing protocols.

We collect these results on everyone, and reconfirm our results with several different testing methods, so you feel reassured that what we instruct you to do is in your best interests.

In conjunction with the above technology, we guarantee that the initial consult will evaluate over 100 different areas of the body. It gives you a good idea of how thorough this initial consultation can be. Future consults can explore into the analysis of blood, your urine and even your hair!


Feel free to ring our Naturopath to receive more information.