A Natural Self provides all these naturopathic methodologies:

Dark Field Microscopy (analysizing blood in the dark )

Bright Field Microscopy (analysizing blood in the light)

Coagulated Microscopy (analysizing dead blood)

Gut Indicans Testing (toxin testing via the urine)

Iridology (eye testing for indications of ill health)


Regardless of the impressive list of tests above, A Natural Self kepts it’s prices relative to the clinics who lack the above technology in testing.

This enables you to benefit from the accuracy of our treatment, and allows the allocation of your funds to the purchase of medications, (which will aid in the acceleration of your recovery), instead of paying to rely on the practitioner.

We feel that what you want is health for all, and the ability for YOU to resolve your condition as quick as possible. We can provide you with that knowledge.

Naturopathy without Medicare means that quite often you don’t get the benefits from our industry because the affordability is not there to continue the treatment long enough to deal with the root cause of a condition. This can sometimes take several months or longer, depending on the condition.

The basic principle of naturopathy is ‘to get back to the cause, not just treat the symptoms’. Remember, that your symptoms are the last stage of a condition, and not the beginning. So, when they appear, this is the first you know about the condition, but for the body it is the last straw, where the condition has got chronic enough for it to manifest an often angry, inflammatory symptom.

We believe in you learning to understand your health and the body and how it works, you become knowledgeable in how to resolve your own problems.


Knowledge Gives Empowerment

A Natural Self can help you back to good health, but will also empower you to continue to resolve your own issues. You can then have the long term knowledge to maintain your own health, feel better long term, become self sufficient and live longer.

Consultations at A Natural Self consists of giving knowledge on what to do in the short, as well as long term, and provides medication and knowledge on dietary and lifestyle changes to maintain the new health balance we provided.

In past China, the Chinese herbalists used to only get paid when the customer was healthy. Their clients would take herbs everyday as a way of staying well, and preventing illness. When they did get sick, they wouldn’t have to pay the bill. It was in the best interests of the practitioner therefore, to keep their customers healthy. The origins of preventative medicine in natural health come from this principle.

In contrast, allopathic (western) doctors only make money when the patient comes to them with something wrong. Why then, would there be any encouragement to make the public, not only healthy, but also teach them the ability to remain independently healthy?

A Natural Self is not just a service, but can provide a solution to your problem.