What Can Garlic do for You?

Garlic like ginger, is another culinary delight that is also regarded as a central and important medicinal plant. It is a central flavouring used in most of the world’s cuisines and also has amazing health properties that accord with its folk medicine status.

And hopefully, you use it in your cooking daily, as a base and as a flavour that can really help to keep you healthy and happy.

Naturopaths, dieticians and other natural health practitioners will recommend the use of garlic as a natural tonic that can help with healing.

Cardiovascular and Blood Healing Properties[1]

Garlic is now known to have incredible cardiovascular and blood healing properties.  It lowers blood pressure and mimics some of the effects of the strongest and most effective hypertension medications that are prescribed through allopathic medicine channels.

It also lowers cholesterol and blood fats (triglycerides) and therefore acts as a fantastic blood purifier. It does this by reducing the susceptibility of the LDL cholesterol to oxidise, which is the first stage in the process that damages the artery walls.[2]

It also reduces the tendency of the blood to clot by reducing the aggregating tendency of platelets which is the clumping mechanism that can lead to heart attacks and also strokes. Epidemiologists believe its constant consumption in parts of Spain and Italy may be the reason there is such a low incidence of heart disease in these regions.

Other Properties

Homeopaths and naturopaths also refer to garlic frequently in their natural remedies advice to clients and patients.  It is also known to act as a powerful antiseptic and antibiotic which counters and thwarts the growth of many varies types on bacteria and fungi that can cause illness and disease in human beings.

It is also believed to be an anti-cancer agent, stimulating immune system strength and activity and also blocking the formation of some types of carcinogens in the gut and digestive tracts.

Ways to Ingest Garlic

My suggestion to patients is to ingest garlic regularly and naturally in the diet. There is nothing like a fresh salad with a good vinaigrette dressing with freshly crushed or smashed garlic sprinkled throughout.

But if this is a little too pungent and strong for you, try any number of garlic supplements that are available on the market. These include

  • Garlic oil capsules
  • Deodorised oil capsules
  • Garlic tablets
  • Garlic powder

Remember that you can maintain your health through many dietary mechanisms and good eating practices.

Using garlic in your cooking, or sourcing it as a natural product through naturopathic or health store channels is just one way of keeping your blood and digestive tracts healthy.

So good luck on the health journey. Eat well and live well and remember to consult your naturopath if you require more specific information or guidance.

Bye for now.

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