What are the main health concerns with Electromagnetic Radiation? How do Naturopaths and their Natural Remedies stop an over reactive Immune System?

Ionic resonance or negative ion resonance is the term given to the energy field emitted from the EMF harmonizing products Gerard Bini from Orgone Effects Australia has developed. EMF fields produce positive ion energy which is unbalanced and may create unhealthy cell growth, DNA damage and can put our internal organs under stress. It also makes us feel heavy and drained of energy. Naturopathic clinicians obverse this in practice all the time, with those clients whose presenting with allergies and sit in front of a computer and use a mobile phone all day.

The ionic resonance products basically counteract this by balancing the positive ion fields with healthy negative ion resonance.” “There is a whole range including DNA damage, lowered melatonin levels and unhealthy cell growth, which is linked to an increased cancer risk. However, the stress on internal organs from the one type of EMF, say from earth radiation, can differ from person to person.”

“These range from small units which plug into any power point and cover a home, to mobile phone and car harmonizers. Check out the natural retail products on A Natural Self’s website. There are natural gift kits available such as Ionizers, radiation blockers and Aromatherapy, to change the ions in the air. These natural remedies are great natural gift ideas or for yourself.

“The noxious energies created by different components in a car contribute greatly to driver fatigue, road rage, car sickness and loss of ability to concentrate while driving.  Mobile phones emit three types of radiation, though our harmonizer negates all EMF fields around the phone and up to 10 meters away – so your phone is a protective device as well as being made safe to use or be on your body.”

Naturopaths will conclude that people sensitive to these types are things have an over active, over sensitive immune system that makes them allergenic in nature. Natural remedies are very successful in calming this system. Most often natural medicine will treat the toxicity behind such a complaint and over a period of months the situation will be resolved.