What are Space Harmonization Products? How are cars and phones so bad? The efficiency of Allergy Tests for this problem in Naturopathy

Ever wondered if your mobile phone, television, computer or building could be affecting your health? The electromagnetic radiation that is generated by wiring, power lines and other electronic devices could be the source of a range of health issues for you and your family. Conditions as diverse as persistent headaches, fatigue poor sleep patterns, leukemia and even depression have been attributed to this form of energy. Natural therapies have been saying for years that there is an association with this pandemic of over active immune systems and their resulting allergies and the influence of so many electromagnetic influences.

This is a quote from Gerard Bini from Orgone Effects Australia, which manufactures ion harmonizing products to combat the potentially harmful effects of this form of energy.

“This refers to all the invisible fields of electromagnetic radiation that exist which have the potential to effect human health. These may be caused by the earth’s magnetic field or by electronic devices such as digital TVs, wireless networks and mobile phones. They are essentially unhealthy earth energies that are present in all living spaces.”

“Ionic resonance or negative ion resonance is the term given to the energy field emitted from the EMF harmonizing products I have developed. EMF fields produce positive ion energy which is unbalanced and may create unhealthy cell growth, DNA damage and can put our internal organs under stress. It also makes us feel heavy and drained of energy. The ionic resonance products basically counteract this by balancing the positive ion fields with healthy negative ion resonance.”

If the immune system doesn’t settle down using these devices, then you may need naturopathic treatment to calm down the reactions in the body. Natural supplements are quick acting and are very specific, once an allergy test has worked out why those individuals are over reacting. Allergy testing consultation can be done at A Natural Self, Naturopathic Clinic within an hour of consultation.