What are Negative Ions?

Do you love the sea? Could you describe yourself as a “salty” or someone who is completely enervated and enthralled by the ocean and beach life? There are many people who espouse the virtues of the ocean and there may be good scientific reason for its soothing and calming and energising effects.

Down By the Sea Air

Ocean air contains a very high percentage of ions – of sodium, chloride, magnesium and sulphate – all of which are present in sea water.

Negative charged ions however, contain an additional electron and these are believed to energise you. The highest concentrations of negative ions are found in the natural world.[1] Some homeopaths and alternative health specialists and practitioners argue that these negative ions actually change the way you feel. They are imbued with restorative and medicinal properties that facilitate oxygen absorption and therefore the oxygen flow to the brain. Another source of negative ions is lightning.

Negative Ions in the Home

A replication of this situation is recreated in the home by negative ionisers. These are used to increase general health and also in cases of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) when the body shuts down and becomes lethargic and depressed in autumn and winter.[2]

The negative ions clump particulates – microscopic particles together – that are suspended in the air in a room. The clumping then causes these to fall to the floor where they are no longer as problematic. They may also be beneficial for improved cognitive functioning and can energise thinking patterns and processes.

Some of the most potent and wonderful natural remedies are found in nature. A walk along a bush track or rainforest lined with ferns and wonderful plants, a trek through caves or several days spent at the beach near the sun and the surf can do an enormous amount to re-enervate your system.

Nature provides you with so much, from negative ions through to minerals and vitamins and herbal plants and fruits and vegetables we rely on for good health. Staying in tune with nature needs to be an important part of your health regime and can act as a foundational cornerstone upon which to initiate changes in lifestyle, eating, exercise patterns and sleep patterns.

If you combine this with advice from your naturopathy clinic or natural health practitioner, you can transform your life and set yourself on a path of increasing positivity and nutritional wellbeing.

So make sure you expose yourself to the enervating effects of nature and negative ions at least once a week. You will certainly experience and feel the difference if you do.

Have a wonderful day.

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