What and when natural supplementation in natural health can help with shingles. Tests provided by A Naturopathy Clinic

Before shingles appears as a rash, feelings ranging from a tingling feeling to intense burning or pain are felt on an isolated area of the skin on one side of the face or trunk. This may be accompanied by a general feeling of malaise or a fever. After a few days, a red, painful rash appears where the burning or tingling feelings occurred. Rather than spreading throughout a wide area, the rash usually appears as a band of small bumps. Shingles gets its unusual name from its appearance as a band: the word is derived from a Latin word, cingulum, which means “belt” or “band.” This is usually the first signs that you know that there is an immune problem. One might first think allergies, but the distinct band of spots is unmistakable.

After the bumps appear, they quickly turn into blisters. The fluid inside the blisters then turns a cloudy color. Next, the blisters break open and form a crusty surface. The condition is extremely painful and can be aggravated by something as gentle as a breeze. There are little known natural cures for this insatiable itch and pain!

After about five days, no more blisters appear on the skin, but it takes as long as five weeks for the skin condition to heal. In some cases, shingles can last much longer. The duration of an outbreak of shingles can be affected by the strength or weakness of the immune system.

In Naturopathy, natural therapists always like to look at the bigger picture. Correct testing can locate the underlying issues of why you have a viral outbreak. At A Natural Self, A Naturopathy, tests can be provided to help see the immune system problem.