Wet Weather and your Skin

“Here comes the rain again….”  Some of you oldies might remember Annie Lennox singing the old Eurythmics song. Or maybe you think of young Johnny Farnham singing “Raindrops keep falling o my head.”  If you’re of an even older generation no doubt you will think of Gene Kelly splashing along shiny pavements with an umbrella and calling out “Singin’ in the rain.” Younger? Well there are songs by Rhianna, Eminem and Lady Gaga that feature the rain and wet weather.

And while rain and the wet can be a great topic for a song, if you live in a rainy area or a subtropical or tropical area, rain and humidity can get downright annoying. Everything gets musty. It is hard for clothes to dry. Washing stays in the machine and you run out to hang clothes out when there is a break in the clouds, only to find that there is another round of rain approaching over the horizon.

Humidity and Skin Conditions

One of the main problems for health is the development of fungal based skin conditions. This can happen because the skin is not exposed to clear and dry air but is constantly exposed to damp, and the associated fungal spores that grow so virulently in humid conditions. Such conditions are particularly common in the tropics and also subtropics, but can also occur in colder climes, particularly when individuals are not airing out their bodies sufficiently or drying thoroughly after bathing and showering.

Natural Products and Natural Remedies

There is a host of natural products and remedies on the market to treat skin conditions. Some more mainstream products are also available and the choice regarding what you use is ultimately up to you. Many natural health products work successfully and if you are afflicted with fungal conditions you may want to talk with your local naturopath about possible treatments. In some cases your body may be inundated with fungal imbalances. If you have Candida, you may need to speak with a dietician also, who can help you alter your dietary intake so you can clean your system out thoroughly. You may also want to ask about treatment for tinea.[1] Fungal skin conditions that are not adequately treated may develop into skin infections.[2]

Ask your practitioner

If you are concerned about fungal problems, ask your practitioner about the following natural health strategies that may work. These are suggested starting points and a consultation may help you to pinpoint and more specific form of treatment that will hopefully help to alleviate symptoms:

  • Pao d’arco
  • Goldenseal
  • Tea tree oil
  • Horopito
  • Bloodroot
  • Vinegar as a fingernail and toenail soaker
  • Acidophilus bifidus – the friendly fungus!
  • Dietary alterations

You can find natural solutions to fungal issues. Ask at your local naturopathy clinic today.

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