Up, Up and Away…

A man’s power is sacred and an inherent part of his masculinity, self image, self-esteem and sexuality. Erectile dysfunction not only interferes with a male’s sexual performance and prowess, but if untreated, can begin to undermine and affect all areas of a man’s life. The problem is widespread and common. But there is a great deal you and your female partner can do to treat ED (erectile dysfunction) using natural products and a natural health approach.

This article offers information and also some ideas for you to incorporate into your life.

If you cannot sustain an erection for a period long enough for sexual intercourse, then you are deemed to be suffering from erectile dysfunction.

I speak with many male clients and the feedback I am given is that most men, at some point in their lives, will suffer some form of impotence. It may be longstanding or it may be short lived. But most men have experienced the pain and shame of not being able to “adequately perform” in the bedroom with their partner.

Impotence Australia says that most men will indeed experience impotence at some point.

This may be related to the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Exhaustion
  • Alcohol and other drug use and consumption
  • Fear
  • Worry
  • Depression
  • History of sexual abuse

But there are also a series of physiological factors that can influence the capacity to achieve erection and these include:

  • Prescription medications
  • Elevated BP (blood pressure)
  • Substance abuse or use
  • Impaired blood flow due to artery obstructions
  • Heart problems
  • General ill health

Whether the cause or causes are physiological or psychological, there is a lot you can do.

Try some of these suggestions and also seek out a natural therapies practitioner who will treat your condition thoroughly and holistically:

  • Firstly, ask your practitioner to do a thorough check of you. This must include nerve condition, hormonal activity, brain function and vascular system. You may need to see a specialist to have these areas thoroughly checked. Take the information to your naturopath so they can work with you fully and completely. All these areas interweave with each other to allow for healthy erections. So knowing if there are ANY problems in any of these areas is vitally important.
  • Check your diabetic status and your blood sugar levels as these impact erection functioning.
  • Take an essential fatty acids supplement as these help with hormone regulation and the healthy production of seminal fluid and sperm.
  • Consume Kelp. Kelp contains iodine which will help to keep your reproductive system healthy.
  • Vitamin C. This wonder vitamin should be taken daily no matter what! It is an antioxidant and also helps to boost the testosterone in a man’s body.
  • Eat foods that are rich in zinc. These include oysters, chicken, chickpeas, peas, almonds cashews, lobster, beef and lamb.

You may also want to pursue some other alternative therapies such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda or Homeopathy to also address the issue. But whatever you do, stay informed, exercise regularly, eat a balanced diet and talk through your problems with your partner, a therapist and close and trustworthy friends.

Have a good day.