Treating Highs and Lows with Natural Remedies

Stabilizing your emotions is an important part of natural health.

You can do this with a variety of alternative modalities and treatments that are incorporated under the naturopathy banner.

Emotions are a rich tapestry and landscape. They colour our lives and our views, our way of seeing the world and our day to day experience of who we are, who others are and what the world is like.

Elation, depression, sadness and joy – all these emotions and a myriad more – are the barometer that helps us to measure ourselves and our relationship with the planet and our loved ones and community.

A Natural Self Solution

As many of you know, I always promote a philosophy of well being amongst my clients and patients. And when new and even longstanding patients come in to see me, I make certain I attend to their emotional realm and needs and their requirements in this regard.

One of the major distinctions between naturopathy and other modalities such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kinesiology and Homeopathy is the focus on the whole person and not just the outward symptom or manifestation of disease. The latter is the allopathic and western approach. While some more forward thinking general practitioners understand the need for treating the whole person, many are still locked into an older mode of diagnostic narrowness that fails to read the entirety of the patient and his and her unique manifestations and issues.

The Relationship with the Practitioner

A patient’s relationship with the practitioner is paramount. To treat you well and effectively, I want to know all about you and I want to understand your emotional realm and your highs and lows and your joys and frustrations. This is because I want to understand how your illness or your health imbalances are impacting your emotional realm and your ability to move through the world with a steady rudder so to speak, and a centered and even keel.


Homeopathy and homeopathic natural remedies can be an excellent mode of emotional regulation. These can be coupled with good diet and good food and exercise, to help you regulate your feelings more appropriately.[1]

Whether you are suffering extreme swings or more minor mood swings homeopathic remedies such a Rescue Remedy, Hypericum, (St. John’s Wort) and Kali Phosphoricum can all help to regulate your feelings and therefore deal with day to day pressure.[2] You can utilise these simple natural extracts to manage and maintain a more stabilised internal emotional barometer which will in turn help you with life productivity, a sense of welcome acceptance of life on life’s terms and a feeling of positivity and healthy esteem.

To find out more, speak with your local naturopath or homeopath, or come in to see Dana at A Natural Self Clinic in beautiful Fremantle.