Treat Your Bladder Infection with Naturopathy

If you are a woman you will no doubt know the discomfort that accompanies bladder infections or cystitis. These are commonly occurring urinary tract problems that can have an undermining effect on your general health and your quality of life.

Many women resort to antibiotics as the first and only option when they are addressing this issue. While antibiotics may be necessary in worst case scenarios when all other options have failed and when there is danger of a travel of infection to the kidneys, for the most part, the natural health alternatives can be truly beneficial and restorative.


Urinary tract infections occur when foreign bacteria travels into the urinary tract and results in a sense of discomfort and an inability to pass urine. When urine is passed it is painful and there is the desire to urinate again immediately. It may be accompanied by an unpleasant urine odour or by cloudiness or even a pink tinge if blood is in the urine.

Other symptoms include back pain, lower abdominal pain, inflammation of the lymph glands around the thighs, fever, and exhaustion, acid/alkali imbalance in urine, headache and low energy.[1]

Natural Health Remedies

If you choose to pursue a natural remedy approach to your UTS, then you may want to consult a naturopath to guide you or advise you of suitable natural products or strategies.

Here are a few naturopathic solutions that may also help:

  • Increase fluid intake. Drink plenty of water. Drink cranberry juice but buy a reputable brand from a health food store that is not filled with additives or corn syrup fillers that can exacerbate your infection.
  • Drink fresh juices with celery, parsley and even watermelon. All these products act as flushers and natural diuretics.
  • Do NOT drink caffeine or fizzy drinks or alcohol
  • Avoid citrus fruits
  • Drink cranberry juice
  • Supplement diet with 1 -2 capsules of acidophilus probiotic with each meal
  • Take vinegar baths –  1-2 caps in shallow bath to soothe vaginal area

Herbal Remedies

The following herbal remedies and items are excellent for treating your urinary tract infection:

  • Birch leaves – these are a tried and true diuretic that flushes your system out
  • Hydrangea – another good flushing herb that cleans out the kidneys
  • Dandelion tea/extract –  diuretic for flushing
  • Cranberry – this is the best herb for bladder infections because it promotes the development of hippuric acid in the urine. Hippuric acid restricts bacterial growth.

You may also want to take an alkalanising urinary tract infection drink which are available from allopathic pharmacies if all else fails. And if urine is too pink (which indicates blood) or back pain is severe and you have a fever that is rising, you may need to seek antibiotic treatments.

Have a great day.