Traditional Chinese Medicine, Weight and You

It’s time once again to revisit the topic of Chinese Medicine. This age old system of medical practice has been in operation for thousands of years in Asia and has made its way into the alternative and natural therapy profession in Australia over the past twenty years.

While it has taken on more strength and profile over the past two decades, it’s pertinent to note that Chinese Medicine was in existence in Australia way back in the 1800’s when the Chinese filtered through to the goldfield regions of Victoria and Ballarat and also populated areas in the Northern Territory with population footholds around Darwin and areas of Western Australia and Queensland.

It is speculated and said that even back then the Chinese were bringing their medicinal herbs with them to Australia and were brining living rhizomes with them so they could grow these herbs when possible in their new land.[1]

According to Attilio D’Alberto, a trained Chinese Medicine practitioner who also runs the world’s leading web based Chinese Medicine forum, Chinese Medicine can be used for a variety of conditions including weight problems, which is one of the most concerning health issues facing the western world today.[2]

Chinese Medicine not only focuses on what you eat and herbal and acupuncture natural remedies as part of a weight loss treatment. It also incorporates a holistic approach that tailors and rectifies HOW you eat as well as what you are putting into your system.

How to Eat

Today, western dieticians and practitioners as well as TCM specialists will tell you the way you eat is important in terms of regulating your natural health and your body. Do not starve or skip meals and then eat until you are full.

Rather, eat average portions regularly so that the digestive system and the body’s metabolism is not assaulted by extremes fast and feast cycles. The spleen and other organs require moderate and gentle treatment. Gorging and bingeing then skipping meals may possibly damage your spleen and also imbalance you and your life. This cycle might also affect your energy levels, your blood sugar highs and lows and your moods and create undue extremes for your system.

It is also important to eat in a calm and soothing manner. Take time out to sit quietly and consciously with your food. A calm approach to eating your meal increases digestive processing and may help you to reduce your food intake and to also be more mindful of what you are putting into your body.

These are just a few tips and pointers that can help you to consider the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the way you eat and consume your daily intake of foods.

There is so much on offer through your naturopathy clinic and through alternative medicines and approaches, so consider these when you are dealing with your health issues.