Traditional Chinese Medicine and Natural Remedies

Have you ever wandered through Chinatown in your local town or city? Or perhaps you have been to China? Whatever the case may be, there is a world out there, waiting for you to discover…

You can sense it. You walk along a busy street and you turn a corner. In the distance, amidst the roar of traffic and the lights, the hustle and bustle of pedestrians and posters, shop signs and frontages…you spy it. The red gateway, emblazoned with dragons and colour….

It’s the entrance to your city’s Chinatown.

Natural Health

As many of you know who follow A Natural Self’s news and information, we pride ourselves on a number of forms of natural health. We have a particular interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine and one of my favourite pastimes is to wander through Chinatown in any city on the globe and go in and visit the local Chinese herbalist and practitioner, whose shelves are lined with jar upon jar of incredible substances and herbs and roots and leaves and berries.

These dried displays are so extensive they often line the Chinese Herbalist’s shopfront from floor to ceiling. The potions and substances are measured and scattered and wrapped in paper bags and given with thorough instructions on how to brew, imbibe and consume them.

Western practitioners and Chinese Medicine

Over the past two decades, many western alternative practitioners have absorbed aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine into their practices. This means the sound, tried and true methods that form the basis of this modality are now available to many from non-Asian backgrounds.

According to the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association, TCM is unique because of its longstanding and historically robust evolution and development over thousands of years.  It operates from one central and powerful tenet…that premium health and wellbeing actually relies on the ongoing maintenance and also the restoration of balance, attunement and harmony to the human body.[1]

Both presenting symptoms and the underlying conditions that facilitated the growing development and strength of these symptoms are reviewed and considered.

Individualised and Tailored to Your Needs

TCM also works from the individualised perspective. This means that the array of herbs and treatments, including acupuncture and massage, will be tailored to your needs and are not the result of mass produced allopathic pharmaceuticals.

Everything from detoxification matters through to skin conditions and allergies, along with more debilitating illnesses can be treated using Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques.

So, open yourself to new possibilities and consider Chinese Medicine. It is a growing area in western health circles and one that can help you to achieve true harmony and balance.