The Zinc Research that finds the old age finding in Natural Therapies, that Zinc is a Natural Cure for the Common Cold

There is no dispute about the importance of zinc in our diets. It is an essential nutrient throughout our lives and even for fetal development. Ask a health practitioner of alternative therapies how many people they see with zinc deficiencies and they will it’s close to everyone! There has been dispute, though, about the efficacy of zinc supplements. Clinical studies in the past have yielded mixed results and at least one study argued that zinc showed no evidence of reducing the duration of the common cold. An updated review now shows that zinc can reduce the severity and duration of colds.

A 1999 study by the Cochrane Systematic Review concluded that not only was there no strong evidence that zinc helped reduce the symptoms of colds, but that it had some undesirable side effects, including mouth irritation, diarrhea and nausea. The updated review, published in the Cochrane Library, finds that there is ample evidence to suggest that zinc supplements in fact do significantly reduce both the severity and duration of colds. Naturopaths would beg to argue that from years of practical observational experience, these undesirable effects on the gastro-intestinal system are actually the effect of zinc healing the inflamed and irritated gastrointestinal lining. (This applies particularly to liquid zinc)