The Wonders of Herbs

Did you know that many common plants and herbs can be used for medicinal purposes? This means they can be grown and harvested and then used in a variety of forms to help you and your health. The National Herbalists’ Association of Australia (NHAA) – which is the main organisation that represents Australian naturopaths and herbalists aims “to promote and protect the profession and practice of herbal medicine” in an era when alternative medicine is often under attack because of its mainstream popularity.[1]

Once upon a time, naturopathy and herbalism were considered peripheral natural health therapies, but today many Australians seek out the assistance of these professionals as a component of their health and wellbeing approach.

Report on Complementary Medicine

Using herbs and natural therapies has many advantages. In 2010, The National Institute of Complementary Medicine” released a groundbreaking report that outlined how complementary medicines can save millions of dollars annually in the Australian Health Budget.

This is because natural therapies and other forms of complementary medicine work on a holistic and preventative model of treatment – a kind of maintenance strategy that can help the patient maintain optimal health.

This differs from allopathic modes of medical treatment which often wait for more severe illness before implementing interventions and medications for a specific issue that is often isolated from the individual.

The Organisation’s president stated that “herbalists and naturopaths have been practicing these medicines for many years now and if we had not been using these medicines their use would have been lost to medicine completely.”[2]

Medicinal Herbs

Some of the most common and effective medicinal herbs include

  • Dandelion – excellent for liver problems, Hepatitis sufferers, gall and spleen problems. Also brilliant as a diuretic
  • Licorice – great for duodenal and peptic ulcer problems. Can also be used to treat respiratory issues, hormonal irregularities
  • Comfrey – grow a comfrey plant in the garden. Use the leaves as a poultice for torn or broken skin. Simple, effective and fun for the children to see how herbs can be used medicinally
  • Fenugreek –this mighty little herb promotes sweating and detoxification
  • Fennel – an excellent blood purifier.  Drink fennel tea to keep the blood fresh and clean and well oxygenated
  • Aloe Vera – like comfrey, can be grown in garden and used on sunburn or raw skin. An excellent way to introduce small children to the wonders of herbs/plants

Chinese Medicine also uses herbs as one of the cornerstones of treatment. So too does Indian Ayurvedic Medicine and Homeopathy.

A visit to a qualified herbal practitioner/naturopath can really help you on the health journey.

For more information you can contact your local naturopath or visit A Natural Self Clinic or website for more specific information about the wonders of herbs.

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