The Verdict: Berries May Reduce Risk of Parkinson’s in Men and Women. What Naturopaths have to say about Treatment for this Condition and the possible outcomes that taking Supplements can have.

In the past, Parkinson’s disease was known as “shaking palsy.” It may have been an unfortunate name for this terrible affliction, but it was descriptive. Parkinson’s symptoms include muscle tremors, difficulty with walking and poor coordination. These are the symptoms of the disease, but the cause is in the brain. Most people conclude it is a genetic condition that no natural medicine can influence. However, cases have been known where natural therapists such as naturopath have been able to slow and even cease the deterioration of the condition. Natural supplements must be taken for one to two years in order to achieve this and a maintenance plan must be adhered to, but the results are achievable. What is more the individual is drug free. Isn’t that what most autoimmune sufferers want?

A brain chemical called dopamine controls muscle movement. When the nerve cells in the brain that make dopamine are destroyed, Parkinson’s develops. There are no known cures for Parkinson’s and the treatments prescribed from allopathic medicine are for controlling the symptoms only. A recently released study suggests that common berries may reduce the risk of contracting Parkinson’s. Since “prevention is better than cure,” it is a study worth looking into. Naturopaths are always concerned with trying to stay healthy, in order not to trigger the underlying weaknesses in the body. Once the condition is established, natural cures are harder to achieve, but as mentioned earlier, are possible.

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