The uses of Zinc by Natural Medicine and the Reason why Naturopaths hate Antibiotics

Meenu Singh and Rashmi R. Das of the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research in Chandigarh, India, took data collected from 15 earlier trials with a total of 1360 participants and re-evaluated it. What they found was strong evidence that zinc supplements were of significant benefit to cold sufferers. This has been known in the naturopathic world for a very, very long time!

Among other things, they concluded that:

  • If zinc is taken in tablet, syrup or lozenge form within a day of the onset of symptoms, it can reduce both the duration and severity of a cold.
  • Children who took zinc supplements regularly for 5 or more months had fewer colds and had to take less time off school.
  • A greater proportion of participants in the trials who took zinc cleared their symptoms at 7 days after the onset of colds compared to participants who took placebos.

Natural medicine doesn’t stop with zinc at the common cold. Naturopaths use zinc for a variety of aliments, the most common being; gastrointestinal inflammation, immune system issues, hormones and the liver.

Another thing the authors of this latest study noted was that those children who took zinc appeared to need to take fewer antibiotics than those who did not. This is important for natural health practitioners due to most health issues relating to allergies and detoxification, both of which are gut issues. The overuse of antibiotics leads to resistance to them and reduces their effectiveness when they are needed in severe illnesses, as well as causing a toxic bowel!