The use of natural medicine to use one herb for a multitude of causes and symptoms due to natural products and their variety of ingredients

In the study, Professor Francisco Parra of Spain’s Universidad de Oviedo and his team joined forces with Dr Solomon Habtemariam and his research group from Great Britain’s University of Greenwich to study the anti-viral properties of tansy. According to Professor Parra, who published the results of the joint study in Phytotherapy Research, their research showed that, contrary to previous speculation, “parthenolide is not one of the major anti HSV-1 principles of tansy.” He went on to say that other antiviral substances were present in tansy that “is responsible for the supposed antiviral activity of tansy.” These antiviral ingredients include 3,5-dicaffeoylquinic acid (3,5-DCQA) and axillarin. The exciting part of these findings is that these agents may help researchers find ways of treating two types of herpes, HSV-1 and HSV-2. Herbs always have many different ingredients, and therefore, many different uses for natural health. There is never one action of a herb, due to its varying properties. Hence, there are multiple uses of a natural product for varying symptoms and causes.

The University of Greenwich conducts rigorous research into traditional European plant-based folk remedies. In this mechanistic based study, both raw extracts and purified compounds of tansy were used to isolate anti-herpetic ingredients in tansy. According to Professor Parra, tansy shows “clear potential” for being an efficacious treatment for herpes. He cautions that more work is needed, but concludes that “systematic pharmacological and phytochemical studies such as this can play pivotal roles in the modernization of European traditional herbal medicines.” In other words, he appears to say that modern medicine may be able to both validate and improve upon traditional folk medicine. In future western medicine may have to acknowledge the ability of natural supplementation as a valid practice alongside conventional medicine. There is so much that Naturopaths can offer that Doctors just cannot. For the most part, they presently consider natural therapies as competition. However, there will be a need in the future for both medicines to come and work together in a complimentary fashion as pandemics and the health of population becomes harder and harder to control.