The use of homeopathic remedies in natural health to rid the body of cravings and the use of natural medicine in order to sort out blood sugar and candida

Just as the silly season is a tough time for people battling alcoholism, so the intensive marketing and consumption of chocolate around Easter makes it tough for chocoholics struggling to overcome their addiction?

Don’t laugh, this is serious! A growing body of scientific evidence suggests that, like alcohol, cigarettes and other addictive substances, chocolate hooks us on all levels—behavioral, physical and psychological. Addiction factors include hormonal cycles, serotonin or dopamine levels (the neurotransmitters related to compulsive behaviors), dietary deficiencies, the sensory appeal of chocolate’s aroma, sweetness, texture and even the luxurious wrappers.

As if that’s not enough, come Easter, the consumption of chocolate takes on social obligations—to give, share, receive and appreciate—all justified in the spirit of the season. To that, add saturation marketing, clever store merchandising and a virtually unlimited supply of chocolate goodies.  No wonder so many recovering chocoholics lapse!

As any chocoholic knows, once you’ve fallen back into that block-a-day habit, it’s hard to regain your self-control. Your self-esteem suffers and your only solace is…more chocolate! What starts off as a delicious treat morphs into a guilty indulgence. Once you’re hooked, chocolate addiction can spiral out of control, with serious implications for your health and wellbeing.

If chocolate is your weakness, maybe you should consider getting help to face the challenge this Easter. Clinical hypnotherapy can provide the support you need to battle the cravings and stay in control. Hypnotherapists use a wide range of techniques, including positive visualization, affirmations and ego state therapy.

Applied in a clinical setting, with each consultation tailored to your individual goals, hypnotherapy provides a powerful support for chocoholics struggling to regain their self-control.

We all know we should eat our greens, but what about eating our reds, oranges, yellows, blues and purples too? For optimum nutrition, rather than taking a multi-vitamin, up the color ante on your plate.
Let’s face it, virtually all vegetables are good for us in some way, but to get a wide variety of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, we need to eat a wide variety of vegetables. If your diet consists of the same veggies week in and week out, then you could be missing out on vital nutrients. Scientists and nutritionists have long made the connection between the natural pigments in vegetables and fruit and good nutrition.

Homeopathic remedies in natural health does wonders for ridding the body of cravings for foods. Often there is a blood sugar, neurological liver, thyroid, digestive or spleen issue that is responsible for such cravings. Quite often candida (a fungal infection) is the culprit.