The use of Chinese medicine, herbal medicine, homeopathy and heavy metal chelation therapy for the treatment of shingles in Naturopathy.

Shingles is very contagious. However, it is the Varicella zoster virus that is passed on, not the rash itself. You will not contract shingles if you come in contact with someone who has the rash, but if you have not had chicken pox, you have a high risk of contracting the disease if you come in direct contact with someone with shingles. This skin condition is the result of the virus being stimulated and active after lying dormant in your body, usually since childhood.

Shingles is very painful, but usually passes. However, if it appears around or in the eye, it can cause temporary or permanent blindness and can cause deafness if it spreads into the ear canal. About 10% of shingles sufferers contract a condition known as “postherpetic neuralgia” in which the painful symptoms last long after the rash clears up.

There are dozens of natural treatments for shingles. Naturopaths who deal in naturopathy and Chinese medicine can help. Natural health can be used prophylactically or for symptoms with a sudden outbreak. A few of the natural supplements that are widely used and found to be effective include:

  • Cayenne Pepper: Cayenne pepper (or red pepper) contains an ingredient called capsiacim. Capsiacim is said to block the nerve signals below the surface of the skin, thus relieving the painful symptoms of shingles. Many over the counter treatments contain this ingredient. For postherpetic neuralgia, mixing enough cayenne pepper powder into any white skin cream until it turns a pale pink and applying it to the affected area has been said to significantly relieve pain. For active shingles, red pepper mixed into aloe vera pulp has been said to work. In both cases, the mixture should be applied two to four times per day. This helps the symptoms, but does not resolve the cause however. Naturopathy can help you resolve the longer term issue with the use of Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, herbs (herbal medicine), vitamins, minerals, amino acids, Homeopathy and Heavy Metal Chelation Therapy.

Taken orally, St. John’s wort is said to have antiviral properties and also can help relieve the depression that so often comes with an outbreak of shingles.

Many people have found that apple cider vinegar, applied full strength or diluted directly to the affected area is a very effective treatment for shingles.

At A Natural Self, Naturopathy clinic, the practice of naturopathy consists of using all forms of natural remedies for the effective treatment of shingles.