The study that compared Doctors and Natural Health Practitioners such as Naturopaths, to find out why the public are favoring Naturopathy over Conventional Medicine?

A recent study of patients with incurable brain tumors revealed that they often turn to natural therapies in an effort to improve their condition or alleviate their symptoms. The study was not conducted in order to prove or disprove the efficacy of these alternative treatments, but to help shed light on how doctors and other natural health professions should view these treatments and the patients who try them.

Fearing that cancer sufferers may turn away from conventional treatments and use alternative natural therapy treatments instead, many doctors discourage patients from trying them. This study, which included 621 individuals with incurable grade II to grade IV gliomas discovered that the patients did not turn to natural therapies because they were dissatisfied with conventional treatment or care and went on to suggest that doctors should encourage open discussion about these natural medicine treatments with their patients. According to the Science Daily article that covered the study, some of the main reasons why patients turned to natural therapies included the following:

  • To support conventional therapy
  • To build up body resistance
  • To do something for the treatment by myself

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