The role of reducing inflammation in Insulin Resistance and Metabolic Syndrome

Due to the role of inflammatory cytokines in blocking the PI3K insulin signaling pathway, natural therapies that modulate inflammation are showing great promise in the management of insulin resistance and Metabolic Syndrome. Healthy Glucose Metabolism contains a synergistic blend of Humulus lupulus (hops) and Acacia arabica (acacia), blended precisely to beneficially modulate inflammatory signaling pathways implicated in insulin resistance and Metabolic Syndrome. A blinded placebo controlled study in 91 Metabolic Syndrome patients over 12 weeks has found this blend of hops and acacia was associated with a 39.1% reduction of fasting insulin, compared to an increase of 5.7% in controls. Also, fasting triglycerides decreased by 22.4% compared to an increase of 6% in controls.6

Whilst insulin resistance and its ultimate consequences (e.g. acne, weight gain, Metabolic Syndrome) are becoming increasingly common, if we can crack the code on insulin resistance, this metabolic dysfunction can be easily managed. Natural Medicines can provide you with valuable support in restoring your patients to health and vitality!

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