The Role of green tea in Natural Health. Why Naturopaths use it for the Immune System and the Liver in their Treatment

Asian cultures have known about the preventive and restorative health powers of green tea throughout recorded history. Now modern science has discovered that green tea may be able to help prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s, one of our most dreaded maladies.

Green tea now plays a huge role in natural health as an antioxidant and for the first phase of the liver. Naturopaths use this herb readily, as most allergenic immune system issues in their clients, have an under active response in their liver.

It has been known for years that green tea leaves in their natural form contain certain chemical compounds that are beneficial to our health. However, some chemicals are altered in the digestive system and lose the potential effectiveness. Dr. Ed Okello and his team of researchers at Newcastle University set out to discover whether the known protective ingredients of undigested green tea remained effective when digested by the body. What Dr. Okello and his team discovered was that not only were the anti-Alzheimer’s chemicals in green tea digested and absorbed, the digestive process actually appeared to make them more effective. It is for this reason that alternative therapy clinics have been using green tea supplements for many years and thousands of years when it comes to the Chinese Natural Therapists, specializing in Chinese Medicine.