The Naturopath and Natural Remedies

Dana Kington, naturopath from A Natural Self Clinic in Fremantle Western Australia, speaks about sourcing quality products for her clients and patients.

I am frequently asked about natural remedies.

Why?  Because they form a huge part of my life, my business and my vocation.

Natural therapies, naturopathy and alternative health approaches have gained momentum over the past 20 years. So much so in fact, that it can now be argued they are no longer a part of an alternative scene but very much a part of the mainstream.

Best Quality Natural Products

If you are a consumer, you need to be sure the products and remedies you are using are developed by experts who understand that your body is a temple. It deserves and requires the very best.

What good is going to a brilliant practitioner in Chinese Medicine or naturopathy if the herbs and natural products are not optimum quality?

For best results, make sure the products supplied by your practitioner are top notch.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

If you are looking for quality Chinese herbs, A Natural Self can help you with selection, use and quality. Wholesalers such as Herbal International supply A Natural Self and other premium clinics with high quality herbs of excellent efficacy.

We source wholesalers such as Metagenics – the leaders in the industry – to supply our clinic with world class natural remedies, natural medicine supplies and nutritional supplements that work. These include:

  • Bioflavonoids (full strength)
  • Magnesium drinks (at high level concentrations)
  • High dosage probiotic formulas that realign digestion

Why Natural Products are better

When clients ask me this question I try to explain to them that it is my role and vocation to provide them with the best treatment plan and health outcomes possible.

I know that it is not enough to simply treat the veneer of symptoms that lie on the surface. Instead, it is important to treat the underlying causes of your illness or your sickness.

Natural products and natural therapies focus on helping you to make deep physiological and health and life shifts that will transform the way you feel.

It is not enough to simply treat an illness such as, for example, asthma. It is not enough for me to simply treat a condition such as psoriasis by dealing with the surface symptoms.

Rather, my interest is to help you to overcome the underlying problems that give rise to the asthma or the psoriasis in the first place. I am interested in the systemic consideration of all aspects of your health.

We will consider all facets of who you are and how you live and treat yourself, and together we will refine an approach that helps you to live peacefully, healthily and fully.

When seeking out a naturopath and natural remedies, look for a well trained practitioner who can help you achieve true, ongoing natural health.

It’s possible.