The Ins and Outs of Ayurveda

A friend travelled through the south of India many years ago and returned from that trip an advocate and supporter of Ayurvedic medicine. But what is Ayurvedic Medicine and how and where did it originate and then evolve?

Over the past 10 years we have embraced Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Many Australians now utilise Chinese herbs and also seek regular acupuncture treatments for health issues and ailments. It is probably safe to say that TCM is now a truly embraced form of alternative natural therapy in Australia.

Ayurveda is also being embraced but not at the same rate. But it is a wonderful modality and is born out of thousands of years of traditional development and refinement and it can help us with our health issues and illnesses.

History and explanation

This model of health treatment is one of the most ancient.[1] Ayurvedic Medicine is approximately 5000 years old and originated in India.

The Ayurvedic practices are fully lodged in the notion of treating the whole person and so this form of medicine incorporates diet, exercise, herbs, meditation, psychcology, visualisation, wellbeing and restoration based on the five elements which are “earth, air, ether, water and light. These are linked to the five senses and these in turn shape the nature of an individual’s constitution -their DOSHA or life force.”[2] It also utilises such novel practices as aromatherapy, sonar (sound) strategies, and also particular forms of colour therapy. It is a truly holistic medical approach.

The Cosmic Force and a natural self

One of the most interesting aspects of Ayurveda is the idea that the human realm and human body is a true manifestation of cosmic force. This energy is existent on all levels including the physical and the mental and emotional planes. The seen and unseen planes are viewed as intertwined and therefore the healing processes and strategies take these two realms into account in a very real and practical way. This is a little contrary to some kinds of western medicine that require a very rigorous and seen scientific mode of enquiry that is grounded in experiment and trials.

The aim of Ayurveda is to bring us into full harmony with the totality of the universe on all levels. If we are truly harmonised in this way from a medical and wellbeing perspective, then we live with more health, more peace of mind and of body, and less stress, worry and illness.

Aspects of Ayurvedic medicine are incorporated into the approach at A Natural Self clinic. If you would like more information or more guidance please contact our naturopathy staff who will be more than happy to help.