The importance of zinc for skinintegrity. What are the reasons for dry and flaky skin?

Approximately 6% of the body’s zinc stores are located in healthy skin.1 In wounded skin, however, zinc levels have been found to increase locally within the first 24 hours, most likely to aid in the removal of damaged tissue and to promote wound healing.2

Serum zinc levels have been found to be deficient in over 50% of patients, making zinc an essential nutrient for skin health.3 The ‘zinc challenge’ done by naturopaths in order to test this, come back with varying degrees of deficiency nearly every time.

Maintaining the integrity of the outermost layer of the epidermis is crucial for the barrier function of the skin. Known as the stratum corneum, this protective layer is like a fortress, composed of a ‘bricks and mortar’ type structure, where the ‘bricks’ are the corneocytes and the ‘mortar’ is the surrounding lipid layer which holds the bricks in place.

It is imperative for the health of the body, to keep this protective wall healthy and zinc is one of the chief components to do this.

The two components of corneum and corneocytes work together in maintaining skin function. Corneocytes not only provide physical structure, but also produce natural moisturizing factors (NMFs) which attract and retain water in the stratum corneum. Where there is damage to the lipid-rich extracellular domain (i.e. from excessive exposure to irritants like soapy water and detergents or the use of topical corticosteroids), these NMFs may be leached from the corneocyte, compromising the hydration capacity of the skin. The resultant transcutaneous water loss actually impedes the activity of desquamatory enzymes in the stratum corneum which are responsible for proper skin shedding, ultimately leaving the skin dry and flaky.

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