The importance of natural supplements in natural health for skin conditions. The use of detoxification in reducing immune mediated response to avoid the onset of allergic dermatitis.

Zinc and essential fatty acids are two integral nutrients which play a fundamental role in maintaining the integrity of the ‘bricks and mortar’ of the skin, respectively. Zinc, as a vital component of the zinc finger transcription factor Slug, plays a pivotal role in the lifecycle of the structural components of the epidermis. More specifically, Slug controls aspects of the keratinocyte lifecycle including differentiation, adhesion, and migration, as well as the induction of inflammatory mediators. In short and in English (!), Zinc is responsible for the life cycle of the skin and prevents inflammation. Natural minerals in natural supplements can therefore be diverse in helping the immunity, preventing allergies in this instance, of the skin and confirms that natural health brings natural looking skin without the accelerated aging process of skin dying too quickly, suffering from oxidative stress and becoming old looking.

Not only is zinc essential for the ‘bricks’ in the epidermis, it is also a potent inducer of metallothionein (a free radical scavenger), as well as being a cofactor for the optimal function of matrix metalloproteinases which help to clear damaged tissue and promote wound healing. Zinc and Vitamin C Powder provides 22.5 mg of elemental zinc per serve, and may assist in the maintenance of healthy skin and promotion of wound healing

Much like leaky gut, damage to the ‘bricks and mortar’ structure of the stratum corneum allows the penetration of antigens and other harmful substances through the barrier to the living layers of the skin, where they can drive an immune response. In fact, repeat exposure to an irritant is a recognized factor preceding the onset of allergic dermatitis due to heightened sensitivity.

Naturopaths will always find where the cause of the skin condition is coming from first. This is where the inflammatory response is coming from and this is the source of health with natural remedies.


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