The Benefits of Yoga

Have you ever thought about doing yoga?

This discipline is excellent for general wellbeing and keeps you balanced, supple and tranquil. It is a practice that is an intrinsic part of many eastern religions and disciplines. And it is also very good for toning and massaging the internal organs of your body. It is a wonderful complement to natural remedies and natural therapies and works in well with alternative and natural health approaches.

Swami Vivekananda was the first Indian to disseminate information on yoga practice to the western world. This occurred in the late 19th Century when he toured Europe and The United States.[1]

Yoga first became popular in the Australia’s mainstream  in the 1970’s when Indian practitioner Swami Sarasvati brought yoga practice to Sydney television.[2] Sarasvati also popularised information on Ayurvedic medicine and meditation and wrote numerous books on these subjects which are now viewed as the first wave of yoga practice in Australia.

Yoga in Australia today

Update to 2011 and you now have yoga studios and centres in just about every suburb in urban Australia. Extremely successful yoga studios also run out of regional areas such as Byron Bay where yoga is woven into the daily spiritual practices of many.

There is a similar approach to yoga in the area of Fremantle just south of Perth in Western Australia.

Types of Yoga Practice

According to the Yoga Style Guide, there is a multitude of yoga styles being taught today.[3] These are grounded in a basic set of postures or positions or asanas. Some of the main forms of yoga popular in the west today include

  • Bikram – also known as hot yoga. The room is heated to over 30 degrees which encourages muscle suppleness and cleansing through intense and profuse sweating
  • Iyengar – focuses on precision of poses and attention to detail as well as flexible extension.
  • Ashtanga – is a form of power yoga. It focuses on strength, stamina and power
  • Hatha – a gentle form of yoga involving breathing
  • Kundalini –focuses on the development and expansion of conscious awareness, sensory realm and intuition which can then motivate transformation
  • Tantra – aim to bring about inner realisation of the male/female expressions of the divine play symbolised in Hindu Mythology as Shiva and Shakti

Think about taking up yoga as a part of your health and wellbeing practice. When you are fit and healthy, supple and spiritually open and aware, you are able to view the world from a much more positive and enlightened perspective.

Have a great day.