The Beauty of Holistic Balance

It’s woven into the fabric of how we live. There’s the weekday work days – the 9 to 5 load of hard yakka or office work. And then there is the weekend. Whether we like it or not, we’ve divided our lives into compartments. There’s work. Then there’s play. There’s exercise and then there is downtime. There’s treats and junk food…then there is health food and natural therapies. Everything is divided up into segments.

But is this really how we need to live?

Finding a true Natural Self

Many years ago I fell seriously ill due with severe stomach and digestion problems due to travel and exposure to a rare type of amoebic dysentery and also Giardia. This was the beginning of my interest in alternative health. Over the course of becoming more attuned to natural therapies and natural products and supplements, i also became aware of the need to review how we live.

It is true that society is structured in such a way that we have to compartmentalise things to some degree. But my view is also that as best we can, we can incorporate a holistic vision into our lives. So…it is worth trying to develop some new attitudes. For example, whatever work you do, try to make it something you actually like doing. And try to make it playful.

Becoming a naturopath has been like this for me. I work and play at the same time because i love what I do. So the division between these two life compartments has dissolved. This is holistic living in action.

Alternative attitudes and views

You can also adopt this approach with health.

Enjoy your newfound interest in alternative therapies and natural remedies. These do not have to be viewed simply as a treatment option or a medicinal solution to problems. They can become enjoyable pursuits and a real interest…a life-changing area of enjoyment, education and lifestyle.[1] Again, this is the holistic approach to life.

So wherever and whenever you can, try to view your life and your approach to your health from a less singular viewpoint. All aspects of life and our selves are in a state of constant flux and change. Compartments are the very things we humans create to divide our lives into disconnected sections that can make things seem more organised, but can also keep us sealed off from the rich delights of holistic living.

Life and health are for the taking. Approach both holistically and reap the rewards.