The basis for Health in Naturopathy starts in the Bowel. The use of Fiber in Foods and Natural Health Supplements for Good Health

The researchers Park and associates noted in their background information of from the study in the online edition of the Archives of Internal Medicine, said that high fiber diets have been thought to lower the risk of diseases such as diabetes and obesity for decades. In addition, fiber helps regulate bowel movements, lowers cholesterol, improves blood glucose levels and promotes weight loss. In other words, a diet rich in fiber can improve your health and lengthen your life. The Naturopath at A Natural Self can improve all systems by starting with the basic of good nutrition and an intestinal system working efficiently with the use of fiber and other natural supplemental products. The bowel is the basis for treating most contributing causes of imbalance in naturopathy. It is the ABC’s of natural therapy treatment.

Park and his colleagues define fiber-rich diets as those that include fruits, vegetables and whole grains that resist digestion and recommend a diet that includes fourteen grams of fiber for every one thousand calories.

We have been encouraged to increase our intake of high fiber foods for years, but the temptations of fast and processed foods can be difficult to overcome. Studies like this, which offer such overwhelming evidence of the value of a high fiberdiet, can go a long way towards giving us the motivation to improve our diets for longer, healthier lives. Western Medicine has 6 weeks of nutrition in a 7 year course. Natural therapies have a constant reference to the importance of food. This is where the saying ‘you are what you eat” comes from. Compare this to many Gastroenterologists belief there is no association with bowel health and what we eat!!!

We all know that positive lifestyle changes can benefit our physical and emotional health. New research in the field pinpoints a variety of lifestyle changes that can improve our overall physical and emotional health. These are not just minor improvements, either. According to Roger Walsh, M.D. PhD., “Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes” or TLCs, can be of vital importance to our psychological health. The University of California, Irvine professor goes on to say that these TLCs can be as effective in treating disorders such as depression and anxiety as they can treat or help prevent many physical disorders.

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