Teenagers, Hormones and Natural Remedies

I don’t know about you, but I look back and reflect on adolescence as an incredibly confusing and difficult time. If you have teens and you are trying to navigate through the journey to adulthood with them, this blog may well help you today.[1]

Kids grow up.

It’s a fact.

The small child you once gave birth to, the fragile baby you nursed and tended, grows through the childhood years and finally reaches the intermediate stage of development. It is possibly the hardest time of life, when confusion and rapid change and development occurs in all areas and on all levels.[2]

So what can you do to help your adolescent through this transitional phase?

Natural Products and Teens

Fortunately many teens are now open to the use of natural products and supplements. Alternative therapies and modalities such as Homeopathics, Traditional Chinese Medicine and also Ayurvedic practices are accepted and even touted by teens as feasible and important treatment approaches. These therapies and approaches were not so accepted twenty years ago, whereas now they are even incorporated into youth culture in some sectors of the adolescent population. Alternative therapies and natural health even has a degree of credibility. Youth Festivals, doofs, music festivals now regularly offer massage, natural health products stall and organic food stalls.

Encouraging your Teens with Natural Health

There is a lot you can do to support your teens through the difficult transition to adulthood. If you are anything like me, you may believe wholeheartedly in alternative therapies and you may believe it is best to support your children towards those life and health approaches that have worked best for you and that you personally believe in. As a qualified naturopath, this is certainly how it is for me and there is nothing more gratifying than living in a household where natural products and natural therapies as well as an organic and respecting and fun way of life is touted as the preferred way to live. This does not involve judgment about the choices others make. It is merely a case of being really happy to live harmoniously with natural therapies as a core value of lifestyle and domestic choices.

You can guide and gear your teens towards a natural therapies approach and you can encourage the use of natural remedies by:

  • Make natural products available in the home
  • Stop using and supplying chemical based products
  • Explain to adolescents why you think natural health and alternative health is important. (Remember – adolescents need sound reasoning and will want to know about the issues and make their own informed choices.)
  • Offer adolescents the opportunity to purchase alternative health products online.
  • Take your children and teens to a naturopath or alternative/holistic practitioner every so often so they have hands on experience of this kind of therapy
  • Consider natural products gift ideas when buying presents for your teens

It’s really quite simple. Share what you believe in and encourage conscious living in your adolescents. Help them to respect themselves and to treat their bodies with respect and love. It’s a great way to live.

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