Stress & Detoxification

After a hectic 2010 and the indulgences of the festive season, many people are in need of a little Rest and Recuperation, to give their body a chance to detox, heal and revitalise.

We all begin the year with resolutions to look after ourselves better – lose weight, eat more fruit and veg, sleep more, give away smoking or alcohol. However we may find that under pressure we soon fall back into the same old routines.

An excellent way to change your habits is to do a detox with the Naturopath at A Natural Self, a Naturopathy Clinic.

The Ketogenic diet is an excellent way to detox and lose weight at the same time. Fat is a safety deposit box for toxins, so when carbohydrates are restricted on a protein rich regime, the body naturally chooses fat to use as a fuel source. This means that a large amount of toxins are being detoxed via the liver and the bowel.

Attention and guidance is needed by your naturopath with natural therapies due to the increased inflammation that occurs with ketosis. The liver needs to process the toxins properly and the bowel needs to be able to take out those toxins from the body, without getting diarrhoea or constipation

See our Naturopath for more details.

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