Stop the Cigarettes!

How can you quit smoking and how can you stay stopped? If I had a complete and assured answer to this question I would be a millionaire! The media and less scrupulous health practitioners regularly decry smoking and will shout out about “the latest treatment” and the “latest stop smoking strategy” that is guaranteed to work and guaranteed to free you from this nasty addiction.

But the truth is, there is no hard and fast and sure-fire way to stop smoking tobacco. And there is no one complete method that can lead you to becoming a non-smoker. Howe very some natural products and herbs and treatments can be effective, and can augment or help you to move towards stopping and staying stopped.

Nicotine and the Threat to Natural Health

According to the Australian Government’s Quit Now website which is devoted purely and entirely to helping individuals stop smoking, “smoking accounts for 15,500 deaths in Australia per annum.”

Smoking adversely affects the body in the most extreme and awful of ways. Here are just a few of the smoking related medical problems that destroy quality of life and exacerbate ill health, disease, and physical and emotional life complications:

• Damaged circulation
• Blocked arteries
• Heart problems
• Congested lungs which can lead to lung cancer and emphysema
• Impotence in males and reduced sperm production
• Degeneration and damage to the macular
• Teeth problems including periodontal disease
• Aggravation of skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis

Natural Remedy Approach to Quitting

As I’ve already stated, there is no sure way to stop smoking once and for all. Smoking is an insidious addiction and will require all your energy and focus and a good dose of healthy and planned strategies for you to succeed.

If you really want to become a non-smoker, one of the most important things you can do is to plan your stop smoking approach. This involves more than the “just pick a date” or what I call the unprepared new year’s resolution method, which often fails dismally!

Here are some basic pointers that can help you to prepare for stopping:
• Choose a date well in advance.
• Develop a support network of friends who are reformed smokers and now successful non-smokers. Ask them about their advice. Get their phone numbers and start to use them as support.
• Develop a support network of health care professionals that can help you. This might include your own General Practitioner, your naturopath, a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor, and an Ayurvedic and/or Homeopathics specialist. Tell them of your plan and get their input and advice.
• Begin a healthy eating programme.
• Begin an exercise programme prior to the stop date.
• Stop frequenting pubs and clubs for a while. Hanging around in these environments makes it more difficult. You can always revisit these places after you are more secure in your programme.
• Use a good Quit Kit. These can be purchased online via a reputable natural products site.

There is a lot you can do to prepare for you stop smoking day and process.
You can breathe fresh air and live longer. You don’t have to suffer as an inert and tired smoker who cannot get the most out of life.

Make a change…but be prepared!