Staying grounded with your natural therapies routine

You know how it is. You start off so keen. Full of ambition, anticipation for change, the wish and want for better health and the move towards a physical and emotional life that involves more energy, more health, the use of natural remedies and incorporated visits to a naturopathy clinic or to other alternative practitioners.

It’s all looking and feeling great. The early enthusiasm is there and you are motivated and excited about the path you are taking. Everything is in place. Everything is going well. You have altered your diet, you have visited your naturopath, you have begun taking the supplements you’ve been advised to take. You have even completed a thorough detoxification phase with a plan to undertake a second one in the coming months.

You’ve spoken with your naturopath about a plan that incorporates kinesiology and homeopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine…it’s all so thorough and so successful…

And then…it happens……..

You lose your motivation!

A Natural Health Plan as a permanent change


I see this played out all the time. And my number one piece of advice to individuals is to be slow, paced and moderate about natural health changes. How many of us have been involved in fads at one time or another? We are overtaken by the extremism of obsession, quick fixes and sudden change. Many women have this issue with diets and changes to healthy eating.

It is so important to incorporate natural therapies changes with a good dose of moderation. I call it “taking the middle path” and working on health as a permanent alteration to how you want to live. It is not about quick fixes. It is not about a change in a week or two. It is not about shedding kilos suddenly, only to put them back on again a month or two later.

Natural health changes must be achievable, slow and sustained. They need to be considered and moderate and they need to be realistic. It may be possible to prescribe a really extreme or solid and disciplined health change to an elite athlete, or to someone who has been working with their health for many years. But how realistic is it if you are prescribed or advised to undertake health strategies that you just won’t be able to maintain and sustain?


I often advise individuals to undertake some meditation or relaxation exercises when they start on a natural health routine. To fully understand the benefits of meditation, you may want to take a look at Dr. Dan Siegel’s ideas about meditation and neuroplasticity. A great starting point for this information is also Norman Doidge’s The Brain that Changes Itself.[1] These ideas can be applied to your natural health and they can help you to achieve long term changes and goals. I will frequently advise clients to work on breathing and meditation/relaxation. This is so they stay centred and grounded and weave in the changes to their diet and their physical realm slowly and surely. This is by far the best way, in my view, to incorporate natural health changes.

Patience and change is slow. Take it easy and incorporate your natural health programme slowly and over time, so that it is permanent and life-changing.

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