Soothing Your Back Pain Naturally

You bet. It hurts and it hurts a lot!

One little twinge or one wrong twist or turn can really leave you feeling lousy, and there is nothing worse than living with incessant and relentless back pain. It wears you down and robs you of vitality and energy. It makes you feel old, and it can debilitate you so severely that you become frightened of doing the very things that can help it to strengthen and be properly supported.

Naturopathy and natural remedies can help with back pain. You may like to try homeopathic options such as a simple rescue remedy for de-stressing you and helping you to cope better with the pain. If course, you need rest and lots of it, and if you can take time out from work and from your more strenuous pursuits you can effectively help your body to heal.

If people come in suffering from severe back pain in will refer them on to a more specialised practitioner. This may include x-rays and it may also include other treatment modalities. I firmly believe in the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture for back problems and have seen incredible results when sufferers commit to a solid and consistent therapeutic treatment process involving regular acupuncture sessions.

Kinesiology may also be particularly helpful. The more specialised testing of muscular reactions and responses as well as gentle and tender manipulation can help in some cases.

Natural Remedy Soothers

Herbal poultices and remedies that reduce inflammation and soreness may also benefit the back pain sufferer.

Some of the most effective herbal treatments and supplements general conditioning and for seized up areas where there is stiffness and even nerve pain includes the following:

  • Rhus toxicodendron – for stiffness and tightness
  • Horsetail – increases the absorption of calcium and therefore strengthens bones and soft tissue
  • DLPA – alleviates pain (but must not be taken if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.)
  • Flaxseed oil – for muscle repair, rejuvenation and flexibility

Most importantly, develop a healthy approach to prevention and maintenance. Eat well, and make sure your diet includes fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, protein and carbohydrates. If you feed your body well it is fuelled well and that means less injury, less stress and strain, better all round conditioning and less injury and mishap.

If you require more information, seek out a specialist or alternative practitioner and get clear advice that can help you with the specifics of your problem.