Softly Softly

Has it happened to you? Injury.

Most people think of injury and sports injury as breakages. Playing a game of sport or out jogging or cycling and the worst happens! You slip, fall or twist your body in such a way that you hear that almighty “snap” and the damage is done.

This scenario is certainly the main image conjured up for people when they think of injury. It’s dramatic, painful and clear…the kind of injury that says “I am here! There’s no avoiding me now! Do something…help me to the doctor or get me a stretcher and an ambulance NOW. Hospital here we come….”

But there is another type of injury that is softer, less obvious and even slower to eventuate. You may have guessed it! It is soft tissue injury. There is no major break or snap…although there may be a sharp pain. In most cases there is a wear and tear of the soft tissue until an area breaks down and the soft tissue loses its grip and tears.

One of the problems with soft tissue injury is that most people assume they are not as serious as full breakages and also assume that they can just heal on their own. They can heal on their own, but like any injury it is best to seek treatment and guidance from your choice of practitioner so that the injury can heal as quickly as possible.

Natural Remedies and Soft Tissue Injury

Natural products and a natural health approach can be utilised to help with a vast array of soft tissue injuries and problems. For detailed advice you can speak with your local naturopath or naturopathy clinic. Here on A Natural Self’s online blog, we also offer some general tips and tactics that may help you to manage and dealt with soft tissue problems. Here are some suggestions:

  • In the first two days of injury apply ice and cold to the affected injury.
  • After the first 72 hours, apply heat to the area to increase blood flow and healing.[1]
  • Refrain from strenuous exercise
  • Rest the affected area
  • After the first few days, consider advice from a Chinese Medicine practitioner/acupuncturist.

For generalised health and a strengthening of soft tissue in the body, you may also want to consider the following natural products:

  • Glucosamine
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin B12
  • Turmeric
  • Willow

Foods that may also help with the healing process include cold water fish such as salmon and sardines and mackerel, papaya, green tea, apples and pineapple.

Most importantly give your soft tissue injury time to heal and do not rush back into strenuous exercise and behaviours. Good luck with your healing.