Smoking – quit now naturally

Just the other day the Federal Minister for Health, here in Australia was on the news. She was in a great big room – a conference room – with the usual media present and with mainstream news coverage spreading out the message to the wider population. The room was lined with huge advertisements about smoking cigarettes.

The images on the ads were gruesome, shocking, distasteful and completely real.

The images showed the full effects of smoking on the human body.

The images made you sick.

Smoking is Old School

Today, many of the children my son’s age – up to 12 – now consider smoking to be uncool and destructive. That’s great to hear. It marks a change from my parents’ era, where smoking was much more commonplace and where children mingled in between parents who were chuffing away on cigarettes and cigars without a break!

If you are in your 30’s or 40’s you might well remember the era of the 1970’s party. Women in kaftans and men in safari shirts or wide collars and lapels. Sure, the fashions were out there and fantastic to say the least. Great bold patterns, sweeping lines, fantastic fabrics and a new freedom that had seeped through from the 1960’s to mainstream society.

But sadly one of the main accessorising features was the cigarette. It was almost rare to find someone who did not smoke. And it was unheard of to step into a home and not find ashtrays and cigarettes as a simple part of home life and daily consumption.

When you are a practitioner in the natural health realm, you do tend to see a lot of clients who are still struggling with nicotine.

And the truth is it is no surprise.

Nicotine is a highly addictive alkaloid chemical and belongs to the same family as strychnine and caffeine. It also has some very powerful and seductive benefits that include:

  • Increased concentration
  • Helps with weight loss
  • Improves memory

The down side is that it is also extremely carcinogenic, is damaging to the lungs, affect babies in utero, in cigarette form it reduces oxygen flow around the body and is just plain nasty.[1]

Natural Products and Quitting the Habit

Some of the natural products that can help you to give up smoking include:

  • Colt’s Foot for lung tissue that is inflamed
  • Gentian
  • Licorice root
  • Valerian- relaxes
  • Turmeric – removed carcinogens from the body
  • Green Oats

You may also want to use some aromatherapy techniques when giving up smoking because this can help an individual to relax and to reduce stress levels which may be at a peak during the withdrawal phase. There are also many natural remedies quit kits available that may also help.[2]

If you do want to source natural products and herbs to help you quit, visit your local naturopath or herbalist. You will feel freer, fresher and far healthier.