Quick Cleanse Detox Kit 105.95AUD
Quick Cleanse Detox Kit
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  • Bowel Clear
  • Liver Clear Detox
  • Alive Probiotic Formula


 The Bowel Clear is for the first 2 weeks of cleansing, to clear the bowel of toxins. It assists in the relief of constipation, but reduces the unwanted effect of flatulence in clearing these waste products and impurities.

The liver Clear has 6 different herbs, 2 amino acids and inositol (from the B group of vitamins). It is taken for 4 weeks and works on liver repair, cleaning the blood, toning up the gallbladder, indigestion and liver detoxification.

Alive is also taken for 4 weeks and contains 3 strains of pro biotic, including lactobacillus rhamnosus. This is widely used to take out toxins and bad bacteria from the gut. It is important to support the gut through detoxification. It helps in all gut related complaints including allergies and immune issues. The presence of all three products provides a good 'all round detox for everyone, including irritable bowel sufferers.

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