Product Focus: Natural Remedies for Immunity and Allergies

You probably know the story.

You’ve been working hard. You have not been sleeping too well.

You have not been putting time aside for eating properly or preparing healthy meals.

You’ve been buying just a few too many takeaways, and your coffee consumption has risen a little of late.

Now…you are starting to feel a bit stressed. You seem to be getting increasingly tired and worn out, and the “little things” are really starting to wear you down. You are coming home and shouting at the kids a little more than you would like. You are waking in the morning and rather than waking up rested and peaceful, with the ability and energy to go off for a quick and refreshing walk or jog, you are wanting to curl up under the duvet and continue on with your sleep because you feel as if you haven’t yet managed 30 winks, let alone 40!

Your Natural Health and Immunity

Time has flown by and you realise you have been like this for 4 months. What’s worse is that you are now starting to get sick. You are taking days off work and trying to catch up with your health but it is spiralling out of control.

Your immune system is now compromised and weakened and you are picking up every bug that is going around. You don’t feel well. You don’t look well and life just isn’t what it was 6 months ago when you were on track with your health and feeling more energetic and more in charge of your health and nutrition programme.

So what can you do?

A Natural Self naturopathy clinic may provide some simple and easy answers.

Our online shopping portal also offers a one-stop natural products shopping market that allows you to access and purchase some brilliant products that can help to boost your weakened immune system. These products are specifically selected by Dana Kington because she believes in their efficacy and ability to help you with your health.

19 products that help to boost various aspects of your immune system, or help with allergy issues are offered in the supermarket. Each of these has been selected and offered because we believe they may be of help to you at times of stress and weakened immunity.

There is a wonderful cold onset kit as well as a glandular fever and chronic fatigue kit that includes selenium and coenzyme Q10. The latter is an extremely powerful and solid antioxidant that helps with cell rejuvenation and cell health.[1]

So if you would like more information about allergy and immunity, contact A Natural Self website and shopping online for product options.

Have a great day.